Tobias Pfister – Tenor Saxophone

Silvio Cadotsch – Trombone

Noah Punkt – Double Bass

Lukas Mantel – Drums

Sometimes everything good just comes together - just as in ceoßß04: celestial alignment, wind direction and the paths on the wings. Easy, loose and fluffy these four musicians will send their music direct to the core. Packed with the tradition and the drive of their – maybe now a bit more advanced – youth and some ease of an Australian Surfer they ride on the tides of improvisation and contemporary Jazz.

This Zürich based quartet features Tobias Pfister on Tenor and Silvio Cadotsch on Trombone. A fierce and melodic duo, elaborate and colorful. Noah Punkt on Bass and Lukas Mantel on drums build a rhythm section that pushes and pulls and lay down grooves like perfect waves on a hot morning in July.