noah punkt | bass & composition

Reviews and Reports

"Die Fritten, die Berge von Mayo, die Musik! Alles Phänomen!" Nora-Eugenie Gomringer

"There is a NYC downtown Celluloid vibe going on here.  Contortions do Ornette vs. Ornette does Contortions.  Prime Time without the guitars and add more No Wave.  It’s nearly impossible to grasp initially – other than those general surface observations – but when it does take hold (and boy, does it!), it takes you to a completely new and unusual landscape.  It’s a busy insect world of controlled chaos.  The music [of Protean Reality] does not ebb and flow in the conventional sense.  Instead, it Exists - and grows upward and outward in stature.  It is Monumental.  It’s also the Last Exit album you always wanted to hear." Tom Burris,

"For an artist of his age, Punkt has a few impressive recordings that can be found online with a bit of hunting. His involvement in—and on—Protean Reality is peripheral though in more chaotic passages, it's hard to tell where all the input is coming from. As a unit however, this trio is a furious force that can tone down to nuance and re-fire to frenzy at breakneck speed. This is not an album that can be categorized due to its experimental nature. Protean Reality radiate both noise and lyricism with equal dexterity (if not in equal doses) and each of these musicians are worth watching for down the road." Karl Ackermann (All About Jazz)

"As a unit the threesome [Protean Reality] manage skillful transitions, which at times defy expectations. One example occurs on "Green Water" where Punkt's unaccompanied pulse isn't picked up by the drums, but nonetheless continues to provide a slender uniting thread to Scholz' rattle and Pitsiokos winnowing plosives. Showing their range, "Calmly On" features melancholy lyrical saxophone over a jerky backdrop, which develops into a blistering outpouring. But even here the adventurous side shines through as it gradually accumulates more and more of the overblown and distorted components, which are this outfit's trademark." John Sharpe (All About Jazz)

„awa is the meeting of three Leipzigers and a lone New Yorker in a freely improvised setting. Comprised of Gustav Geißler, Zach Seely (Composer), noah punkt and Philipp Scholz, the quartet tends to rely on a light touch, with bursts of concentrated energy that shows each musician carefully taking clues from each other. The end result is a recording that is as sensitive as it is energetic.“

„Protean Reality (Clean Feed), also deploys jazz phrasing, but the muscular electric-bass abstractions of Noah Punkt and the post-Weasel Walter spasms of drummer Philipp Scholz carve out yet another space for the saxophonist to play within.“ Peter Margasak (Chicago Reader)

„This album is so elegant, so strong and coherent, while being also unassuming and unpretentious.

The music is determined and clear of vision, while being also open and unconstrained.

The sound is warm and intimate, while also being expansive and free.

Composition and improvisation mix perfectly.

The band consists of Gustav Geissler on alto, Luke Strange on trumpet, Noah Punkt on electric bass and Johannes Ziemann on drums. They play beautiful music, nothing groundbreaking, but just