Schmid / Punkt / Lingens

noah punkt | bass & composition

Schmid / Punkt / Lingens

Silvan Schmid – Trumpet

Noah Punkt – Double Bass

Hannes Lingens – Drums

The Trio Schmid / Punkt / Lingens is dedicated to the nuances, the acoustic gray areas and the small. The trio explores everything that the moment, the fellow musicians, the space and the setting provide with millimeter work. It is a shaping, an almost architectural game with fine tools and attentive observation: from the smallest changes to breakage and the grand gesture. Concepts and ways of playing from new music as well as from the world of improvised music are conditional in this captivating and vital ensemble and its multifaceted and multi-layered music.
The trio first formed in 2019 and feeds its creative potential and strength from the three exciting and busy musicians Silvan Schmid, Noah Punkt and Hannes Lingens.